Startup Accelerators

A book that can help you get into an accelerator or VC is Venture Deals.


New York, New York; San Francisco, California AngelPad is a seed-stage accelerator program based in NYC and San Francisco. Every 6 months, about 15 teams are selected from a huge pool of applicants (usually around 2,000) for collaboration and assistance. Since 2010, the program has helped to launch more than 150 companies.

Y Combinator

Mountain View, California Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding; it will pay your expenses while you’re getting started.


Boulder, Colorado Techstars is igniting the global information economy by creating opportunities in underprivileged communities and advancing innovative teams and ideas, no matter where they originate. Supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, Techstars works to create positive social and economic change and to transform the world by making innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

406 Labs

Bozeman, Montana As a part of The Blackstone Charitable Foundation’s five-year, $50-million Entrepreneurship Initiative, the first Blackstone LaunchPad was opened in Detroit in 2010. Since then, in partnership with the White House’s Startup America Initiative, the program has spread to five national regions. Through a collaboration with Montana State University and the University of Montana, the Foundation has pledged a $2-million, three-year grant to establish a Blackstone LaunchPad in that state, with Headwaters RC&D serving as the regional partner.

StartUp Health

New York, New York These are the world’s best entrepreneurs in healthcare: people who share strong principles, a transformational mindset, and a commitment to providing the best possible care.

500 Startups

San Francisco, California 500 Startups is a venture capital firm that is on a mission to discover and back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, help them to create successful companies, and build thriving business ecosystems worldwide. It is one of the most active venture capital firms in the world.

Alchemist Accelerator

San Francisco, California Alchemist Accelerator partners with the world’s best entrepreneurs in technological fields. The company’s focus is on accelerating the development of these founders’ enterprises, including those in SaaS, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT, AR/VR, Mobility, and other deep technology.

Women’s Startup Lab

Menlo Park, California This is a leading, Silicon Valley-based startup and leadership accelerator for female entrepreneurs all over the world who have the bold vision to lead the wave of innovation and change that will ensure growth and competitiveness in today’s economy.

Dreamit Ventures

New York, New York Dreamit is an early-stage venture fund for startups that seek to build transformative tech products in the fields of healthcare, real estate, construction, cybersecurity, and physical security. Dreamit invests in startups that have demonstrable traction and are looking to gain customers rapidly, initiate new partnerships, and raise additional capital.

Google Launchpad Accelerator

Mountain View, California Google Developers’ regional accelerators, which are tailored specifically to their local markets, provide access to the best of Google – its people, network, and advanced technologies – thus helping startups to build great products. This model has also been used to reach other audiences, such as game developers and nonprofits.

The Company Lab

Chattanooga, Tennessee The Company Lab (CO.LAB) is a nonprofit startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurial growth in southeastern Tennessee. Its people, who work with companies from street-corner mom-and-pop shops to tech startups that are scaling into major markets, wake up every
morning thinking about how to create a more robust and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

100K Ventures

Flint, Michigan


Portland, Oregon VertueLab partners with clean-technology funders and innovators to make a global environmental impact. Through a series of focused programs and funding opportunities, it advances promising technologies to market while helping innovators to find the resources they need to move their vision forward.


San Francisco, California Expa was founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon, to help entrepreneurs create successful startups. The organization has vast expertise in user experience, space, branding, network strategy, and resources.

Union Kitchen

Washington, D.C. When the people of Union Kitchen build successful food businesses, wonderful things happen. They create jobs, thus developing wealth in the local economy. They also get to celebrate their culture, diversity, and vibrancy, and their collective efforts build their city and community.


Boston, Massachusetts MassChallenge was founded with a singular purpose: to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to launch and grow new ventures. Co-founders John Harthorne and Akhil Nigam were working as strategy consultants at Bain & Company during the global economic recession in 2008, and it was at this time that they envisioned a creative, inspired society in which all people are empowered and have the resources to maximize their impact. And so, in 2010, John and Akhil launched the nonprofit MassChallenge to create a global movement in support of entrepreneurship. With a proven no-strings-attached model and a global reach, MassChallenge works to reprioritize impact and to put the creation of value at the heart of the global economy.

Village Capital

Washington, D.C. Village Capital is the world’s largest organization that supports impact-driven, seed-stage startups. Since 2009, its team has worked directly with more than 1,100 entrepreneurs in 28 countries, and its affiliated fund, VilCap Investments, has invested in 110 startups that have gone on to raise a total of over $500 million in follow-on capital.

Plug and Play

Sunnyvale, California Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the world’s largest corporations and the best startups.

Cogo Labs

Cambridge, Massachusetts Cogo Labs is a unique incubator of ideas. After conducting internal experiments, it creates the technology to launch new businesses and grow them to profitability through the efforts of its top-notch team.

Clean Energy Trust

Chicago, Illinois Clean Energy Trust (CET) brings cleantech innovations to market by finding, funding, and growing high-impact startups from the Midwest. Structured as a nonprofit, the organization makes seed investments and provides mentorship, coaching, access to a national network, and patient hands-on support to help cleantech entrepreneurs scale and succeed.

Smarter in the City

West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Since 2014, Smarter in the City has been making strides toward creating a more inclusive tech environment in Boston; it has helped to launch over 20 minority-run startups to date. Perhaps even more importantly, it has started a local dialogue about the underrepresentation of certain communities in technology and business leadership. With the help of its donors, volunteers, and other community partners, it strives to expand the demographic makeup of the startup sector.


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