How do I bounce back from being made redundant?

  1. Do not dwell on it for too long.
    Be angry at first, but not for too long. Try to get on with your career.
    “The best way to eliminate an enemy is to make a friend of him” – Niccolò Machiavelli
  2. Reevaluate.
    Maybe it is time to do something completely different. Look deep into yourself and ask yourself what you really want to do. You might change your career path, or maybe start a business that you have always wanted.
  3. Get organized.
    Organize your life. Do not adopt the mindset that you don’t have a job, because you actually do – your job is to find a new job. Get organized; allocate and plan time in the same way that you would if you were working and executing tasks.
  4. Update your CV.
    Update your CV and create one template for the jobs that you would like to apply for. Then, for every job opportunity you find, change your CV so it suits the description for that specific job – the same as you would do for your cover letter.
  5. Apply for jobs.
    Segment the different job portals, and then start applying for the jobs that you want. Job portals (where you find jobs online) can vary depending on your country, but LinkedIn and Indeed both have good job portals that are available worldwide.
  6. Engage with recruiters.
    Invite a lot of recruiters to connect on LinkedIn. Write a good introduction of yourself and what you are looking for and ask if they have any suitable role. Also, Google the 10 biggest recruitment firms in your country, then email all of them with your CV.
  7. Use your network.
    Send a message to everybody in your network who is at a company that you would like to work for. Don’t ask these people for a favor; rather, ask them for advice.
  8. Do the interviews.
    The interviews are the most important part. See our articles on the STAR methodology and example job questions so you can nail each interview.
  9. Job offer
    When you arrive at this stage, congratulations! Now, let’s focus on your first 90 days.