How do I create a sales pipeline?

  1. Define a number of sales as your goal.
    Usually it is good to have a sales pipeline that is 4x your target, so this is what you should aim for.

  2. Determine where the revenue is.
    Look at the market. Which customers can bring in the most revenue? These can be customers who already have a relationship or products with your company; if so, you can upsell to them. Then, you can look at different industries and mechanisms that will enable you to get the most revenue.

  3. Find contact details.
    You might find contact details for your customers in your CRM, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, or you can Google them and see if you can find contact details that way. LinkedIn is also a good tool to use in order to find contact details.

  4. Create a compelling message.
    Come up with a compelling message that you will use when you call these customers. Have a clear value proposition ready, along with a set of questions to ask the customer in order to identify his/her needs.

  5. Start calling.
    Allocate a specific timeslot of, say, 2 hours every morning when you will call customers and generate a sales pipeline. If you do not do that now, then you will miss your target at the end of the quarter.

    I hope these tips were helpful. Please also see our other posts regarding sales and how to get customers.