How do I manage working from home during Covid-19?

  1. Show up.
    “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

    When working from home, it’s more important than ever to show up. Schedule events in your calendar and show up to them. Being organized is even more vital, and you can allocate timeslots for your different tasks and make sure that you show up to them as well. A book with recommendations about showing up and time management is Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.

  2. Continue your morning routine.
    Try not to deviate from the morning routine that you had when you were working at the office. Try to keep it the same.

  3. Dress up.
    Dress up in the same clothes that you wore when you went to the office. Leave the sweatpants and shorts for the weekend.

  4. Schedule breaks.
    Use your calendar to schedule breaks. Take breaks to socialize with colleagues over video calls.

  5. Leave the house.
    If you used to walk to work, take the same walk in the morning. And in the afternoon, take another walk to get some fresh air.

  6. Keep a dedicated office space.
    Allocate a space as a desk where you always sit and work. Do not do anything else at that desk. When you sit down at that desk, you should feel that you are at work and working.

  7. Video chat with colleagues.
    Schedule video calls with colleagues. Maybe, during lunch breaks, you can schedule video calls in which you eat together.

  8. Overcommunicate.
    Communication becomes less clear when it is done over text, voice calls, and video. Now it is even more important to be clear in your communications with your manager and colleagues.

  9. Stay positive.
    See the good aspects that come with working from home. Now you will save some time by not having to travel to work. You can drink the coffee you like and eat the lunch you want.