How do I retain employees?

  1. Trust
    Trust your employees to do the work. Do not micromanage them. Give them responsibilities, with the necessary tools to execute those responsibilities, and demonstrate your trust.
  2. Culture and values
    Many companies have their culture and values written on their webpage, but the employees do not actually know what those values are or feel that culture in the company. Reiterate and practice your culture and values in the onboarding process, as well as in every task that the employees do.
  3. Rewards
    Give your employees stock options in the company so they will feel that if the company performs well, then they will also be rewarded. This makes them feel that they are part of something bigger. Reward your employees for the right work; the best workers, who have done exceptional things, should be acknowledged for their work.
  4. Mission
    Have clear mission statements and make sure that all your employees know what they are. This applies to the mission of the company, as well as to that of the specific department that your employees are in.
  5. Feedback
    Give constructive feedback: both when the employees have been doing something good and when they have failed in something. This gives them a sense of where they are and how to move forward.
  6. Work-life balance
    Enable your employees to continue with their hobbies and prioritize their families. They should feel that work and life are not contradictions of each other; rather, they are the same thing.