What are the characteristics of a bad manager?

  1. Bullying
    Bullies people. Uses gaslighting and scapegoating to bully people around.
  2. Low self-awareness
    Never sees that he/she is wrong or at fault in situations.
  3. Poor communication
    Has bad communication skills. Cannot communicate either verbally or non-verbally.
  4. Unavailable
    Is always unavailable. Bad at managing time; reschedules and cancels meetings.
  5. Selfish
    Always thinks first of him-/herself and not the team.
  6. Never gives good or bad feedback
    Is afraid, or too unaware of what is going on, to give people credit or offer them constructive feedback on what they can improve.
  7. Blames constantly
    Never assumes accountability, but rather blames issues and problems that occur on the team and others.
  8. Unrealistic
    Does not have the awareness to see what targets are unrealistic or realistic.
  9. Micromanages
    Always checks up on what you are doing. Monitors everything excessively and asks you to report all your work to him/her.
  10. Manipulative
    Plays people against one another and manipulates them in order to get what he/she wants.
  11. Takes credit for other people’s work
    Takes all the credit when others, such as the team, have done great work.