What should I say in the first sales call?

  1. Be different.
    Try not to sound like every other salesperson; be different! Say who you are, as well as what company you are calling from. Do not start by talking about your products.
  2. Get a “semi-commitment” from the customer.
    Ask the customer’s permission to have this call. Request a couple minutes of his/her time. If it makes sense to continue to talk after that, then you can; if it doesn’t, then don’t.
  3. Use the BANT method.
    Qualify the customer’s needs with a few questions. Use the BANT method: Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline.
  4. Set a time for the next meeting.
    Ask the prospective customer to bring up his/her calendar. Suggest one or two timeslots, and then ask if that works.
  5. Set an agenda for the next meeting.
    Set the agenda for the next meeting so that you can manage your expectations and are clear about what you need to prepare for that meeting.